Saturday, November 21, 2009

Agggh! I Used My New Brayer

This was my first attempt to use my new brayer I got at the workshop I attended last weekend. I did make a few mistakes. Not having someone walk you through every step makes it a little harder but all in all, I think I did ok.

My biggest mistake was forgetting to remove the mask I had in place for the moon BEFORE I stamped my trees. When you do this, the moon is in front of your trees and makes for a very strange scene. So I removed the mask and then stamped the trees again. If you look real close, you can tell but I think if I never would have mentioned it, it may have gone unnoticed.

Second, the moon is still just a touch too light behind the trees, I think you are seeing it a little too much. I should have taken a sponge and darkened in that area with black or a dark blue maybe. I will try next time.

Last, my wolf is howling away from the moon instead of at it :-) I guess they do this...right? I should have put my moon on the right side so that wolf was looking toward it but I didn't plan on putting the wolf in until I was nearly finished with it. Oh well, next time.

Overall though, I am happy with it. My brayering was good, my artistry and planning just need some work. I look forward to learning more about this technique and trying new things. If you want to learn how to really do this, look at Michelle's blog here, she is the queen of brayering and creating beautiful natural scenes on her cards.

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