Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oh Pinterest...

I've done it. I have become hooked on yet another website. Someone help me! Here is my idea of what Pinterest know when you see something on the web that you think is yummy/pretty/creative/or crafty so you bookmark it in your favorites in the hopes of one day making it and then never look at it again because the bookmark tells you nothing? Pinterest is a way to bookmark things by using an image of the thing you liked and then this site saves them all for you. So one glance at your "board' and you recall all those wonderful things you wanted to remember. Just click on it and you are back to the original link. I have made a vow that I have to make at least one thing I bookmark a week or I am not allowed to pin anything new. That's what it is for right, to actually follow through and DO something? So this is my first project from Pinterest.

It's a Mommy/Daughter Journal. I bought a composition notebook from Walgreens and made it pretty with my scrapbook supplies.

I wrote a little letter in it explaining it to Millie so it will be where we are each others pen pals and we write back and forth to each other. I'm pretty fired up about it. It was going to be a Christmas present for her but I can't wait so she gets it today when she gets home from school.

Here is the link to where I got the idea.

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