Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lets Forget The Rules!

No Time to Stamp has a challenge this week I wanted to play along with. The Challenge is Let's Forget the Rules...

Let’s Forget the Rules! Do you remember when we were kids (at least when I was a kid!!) we were taught not to mix patterns when we dress ourselves. I guess styles must have been rather bland back then — LOL!!! We would never wear a plaid skirt (remember those red wool plaid skirts?) with a printed blouse, or a striped jumper with a polka dotted blouse. We just DID NOT do it back then!!! Oh, but look at the fun we have today with patterned paper — Mix and Match — anything goes!!! And I love it!!! So today we are going to use EITHER stripes or dots and mix them with any other print or pattern you so desire! Or use the stripes and dots together if you like. You may use patterned paper or you may stamp your prints/patterns. Just make sure you use EITHER stripes or dots, or both!!! I LOVE both stripes and dots. And today you get bonus points if you can use 3 different prints together!!! Forget those old rules, let loose and have fun!!!

This had my name written all over it because I can not match things, ever. I have mentioned it before. I once got in trouble when I was in grade school for it. I guess my mom or sister did not see me before I left for school and when I got home, they yelled "Is that what you wore today?!?" I thought I had done well, both the top and bottom had purple in it but after I got a lesson in "What Not to Wear" I was told you can NOT wear stripes with polka dots. I think that traumatized me and so I have worn nothing but blue jeans ever since because as far as I am concerned, blue jeans go with everything!

More than you ever wanted to know...So here are my 2 cards for the challenge. I did not use polka dots but I did use stripes and checkers and even threw a print in the mix. Hmmm...I wonder what my mom and sister would think of this.

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